Sailing into the future: Lithium batteries create a wave of new energy electric ships

As many industries around the world have realized electrification, the ship industry is no exception to usher in the wave of electrification. Lithium battery, as a new type of power energy in ship electrification, has become an important direction of change for traditional ships.

I. The wave of ship electrification has come

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the marine industry is actively responding to the call for environmental protection and energy efficiency, to the market more and more multi-purpose lithium electric boats, especially in the yacht, motorboat and other small boats market more significantly by the market welcome. With the advantages of zero emission, low noise and higher energy efficiency, electric boats bring a better experience for short-distance boat users.

II. Advantages and disadvantages of marine lithium batteries

Lithium battery electric boats will have a more significant advantage over using lead acid batteries.


1, large capacity and long range: lithium batteries compared to lead-acid batteries have a higher volumetric energy density, the same volume can achieve more than2 times the range of lead-acid batteries;

2, lightweight miniaturization: lithium batteries are relatively light, and because of the more compact size is easier to be laid out and installed, which helps to reduce the burden of the electric boat itself to improve the overall performance;

3, charging speed: lithium batteries can be used in fast-charging electric boats, compared with lead-acid batteries greatly shorten the charging time required, more suitable for high-frequency fast-charging demand for electric boat use scenarios (such as speedboats, motorboats, etc.). Compared with lead-acid batteries to greatly shorten the charging time required, more suitable for high-frequency fast-charging demand for electric boat use scenarios (such as speedboats, motorboats, etc.).

The disadvantage is that the cost of lithium batteries for electric boats is higher, increasing the purchase cost of electric boats, so now lithium batteries will be popularized faster in high-end electric boats.

Third, marine propulsion lithium batteries should be how to choose

When choosing lithium batteries for marine propulsion, lithium iron phosphate and lithium ternary are two common choices.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are safer compared to lithium ternary batteries, and in case of extreme environments, they have a better ability to cope with high temperatures and external collisions, and generally have a longer cycle life. And lithium ternary battery can make the electric boat have a higher range due to its high energy density. At the same time the electric boat ternary lithium battery can also be customized fast charging function, to achieve a higher discharge multiplier current, will be suitable for electric boats in the speed, flexibility, high frequency fast charging has higher requirements.

Considering the trend of lithium batteries to replace lead-acid batteries, it is recommended that ship manufacturers choose strong lithium battery manufacturers to customize the production of reasonable parameters and stable and reliable lithium batteries for electric boats according to the actual range of the product, propeller speed power, etc., to create a better experience of the product.

Post time: Dec-19-2023