IoT Ai terminal

  • Fusion telescope

    Fusion telescope

    The fusion telescope, which combines an uncooled long-wave infrared detector and a solid-state micro-optical sensor, can image both separately.It can also be fused and has a variety of color fusion modes preset for different environments.Effect...
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  • Portable night vision devices

    Portable night vision devices

    Portable night vision devices were first previously used to locate enemy targets at night. Night vision devices are still used extensively in military systems for navigation, surveillance, targeting, and other purposes in addition to those ment...
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  • Smart doorbell

    Smart doorbell

      A smart doorbell is an Internet-connected doorbell that notifies a homeowner's smartphone or other electronic device when a visitor arrives at the door. Smart doorbell lithium battery model: 3.7V 5000mAH Smart door...
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