• Lithium Battery for Car Oxygen Concentrator

    Lithium Battery for Car Oxygen Concentrator

    Car oxygen concentrator is to use physical method to produce oxygen, and through the switching inverter power supply to convert the 12V/24V DC power supply on the car to 220V AC power supply needed for the oxygen concentrator working power, thu...
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  • “Safety cone” robot

    “Safety cone” robot

    Vehicles on the highway accident, at night when the lighting effect is not good, a tripod is difficult to remind the rear car to notice, and placed in rows of cone buckets, can effectively avoid secondary accidents. This intelligent sa...
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  • Smart manhole cover

    Smart manhole cover

    Intelligent manhole cover is a ductile iron as the raw material of the manhole cover, not only noise and vibration, but also has automatic alarm function, no longer "want to move can move", intelligent manhole cover has an electronic tag below,...
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  • Portable dust particle counter

    Portable dust particle counter

    APC-3013H portable dust particle counter of APC series is a professional measuring instrument used to detect the cleanliness level of air in clean room workshop. It meets the technical requirements of JJF1190-2008 "Dust Particle Counter Calibra...
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  • Leg Massager

    Leg Massager

     Do you suffer from any of the following problems? Standing on your legs for a long time; sitting on your legs for a long time in the office; fatigue in your legs from sports and fitness. ...
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  • Steam Eye Care

    Steam Eye Care

    Steam Eye Care Due to the emergence of intelligent electronic technology products, there is also an impact on our lives. Living conditions have improved and the awareness of health concerns has to be strengthened. The steam ey...
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  • Lithium-ion lawn mower

    Lithium-ion lawn mower

    Lithium-ion lawn mower Advantages: Wireless power, mowing convenient and fast, flexible and lightweight, trim and level, bass and noise reduction. ...
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  • Smart Selfie stand

    Smart Selfie stand

    Your Very Own Photo Assistant   Whether a professional vlogger, blogger, makeup artist, social media live streamer or you simply enjoy posting impeccable looking selfies on your profile, this auto tracking camera mount will transform your photo shoot into a fully professional experience with out...
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  • Projector


      Projector, also known as projector, is a device that can project images or videos to the screen. It can play corresponding video signals through different interfaces with computers, VCD, DVD, BD, game consoles, DV ...
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  • Agricultural UAV

    Agricultural UAV

      Agricultural UAV is used for agricultural and forestry plant protection operations of unmanned aircraft, by the flight platform (fixed wing, single rotor, multi-rotor), GPS flight control, spraying institutions com...
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