Consumer electronics

  • Open Bluetooth Headset

    Open Bluetooth Headset

    Bluetooth headset using Bluetooth 5.3 technology, equipped with 18x11mm "runway-shaped unit", using the "sound leakage structure design", built-in PU + fiber paper composite diaphragm, support for "Dynamic Audio Compensation Dynamic Audio Compe...
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  • Window cleaner

    Window cleaner

    Window cleaner robot with its built-in high-capacity lithium battery, long battery life, while the safety rope and power cord merged into a "composite cable" to avoid entanglement, and increase the automatic retractable cable function, to avoid...
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  • Pool Cleaning Robot

    Pool Cleaning Robot

    XUANLI  can supply lithium batteries for pool cleaning robot, such as the 18500 4800mAh or 5000mAh  cylindrical lithium battery. Battery type: XL 18500 4800mAh/5000mAh As a pool cleaning robot capable of undertaking the most time-consu...
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  • ETC Standby Power Supply

    ETC Standby Power Supply

    ETC technology takes IC card as data carrier and realizes the remote data access function between toll computer and IC card through wireless data exchange method. The computer can read the inherent information about the vehicle (such as vehicle...
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  • Bubble Machine

    Bubble Machine

    The main component of the bubble machine is the air pump, which blows the bubble water out of the spout through the plastic pipe. The whole internal structure of the bubble machine is very simple, consisting of motor, speaker, RGB light beads, ...
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  • Video type smart helmet

    Video type smart helmet

    Intelligent helmet in addition to ordinary helmet protection function, but also integrated video call, mobile video monitoring, GPS positioning, photo and video instant upload, voice broadcast, lighting and other functions. Intelligent helmet r...
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  • VR glasses

    VR glasses

    VR glasses, all-in-one head-up display device, the product is less, also called VR all-in-one machine, without the use of any input and output devices can enjoy the visual impact of the 3D stereoscopic sense in the virtual world. VR gl...
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  • Smart Trash Can

    Smart Trash Can

    Smart garbage cans generally refer to intelligent sensor garbage cans. Induction garbage can, is relative to the ordinary garbage can, in short, is the lid can be opened and closed by the sensor, without manual and foot pedal, more convenient. ...
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  • Portable bean grinder

    Portable bean grinder

    For the pursuit of high quality of life, bean mill is an indispensable small machine, bean mill is a tool used to grind beans into powder, can improve the quality of people's lives, but most of the common bean mill is connected to the power sup...
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  • Bank safes

    Bank safes

    Bank safes Safe (box) is a special kind of container. According to its function, it is mainly divided into fireproof safes and anti-theft safes, anti-magnetic safes, fireproof anti-magnetic safes and fireproof anti-theft safes and so...
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  • Fibre optic fusion splicers

    Fibre optic fusion splicers

    Fibre-optic fusion splicing machine is mainly used in major operators, engineering companies, enterprises and institutions of optical cable line construction, line maintenance, emergency repair, production testing of fibre-optic devices and res...
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  • RC model cars

    RC model cars

    RC model cars are referred to as RC Car, which is a branch of the model, generally consisting of the body of the RC car and the remote control and receiver. RC cars as a whole are divided into two categories: electric RC cars and fuel-powered R...
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