Lithium Battery Applications

Lithium battery is a masterpiece of new energy in the 21st century, not only that, lithium battery is also a new milestone in the industrial field. Lithium batteries and the application of lithium battery packs are increasingly integrated into our lives, almost every day we are in contact with it. Here we look at what the use of lithium battery pack precautions.

The application of lithium battery packs because of its high energy, high battery voltage, wide operating temperature range, long storage life and other advantages, used in some and civil small electrical, lithium batteries are widely used in hydro, thermal, wind and solar power stations and other energy storage power systems;

Post and telecommunications uninterruptible power supply, as well as electric tools, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric vehicles, special equipment, special aerospace and other fields. And with its unique performance advantages in portable appliances such as laptop computers, video cameras, mobile communications have been widely used.

With the shortage of energy and the pressure of the world's environmental protection, lithium battery packs are now widely used in the electric vehicle industry, especially the emergence of lithium iron phosphate materials, more to promote the development and application of lithium battery industry.

Lithium batteries can be used so widely in just a few years because of these excellent features. At present, almost ninety percent of small digital products use lithium batteries.

The most obvious change is the cell phone, before our cell phones are using nickel-cadmium batteries, now basically all the cell phones on the market are using lithium batteries. And the listing of electric vehicles, often become the headlines of the battery page. This also shows that the application of lithium batteries and lithium battery packs in our lives will become more and more extensive, but also more and more deep.

Precautions for the use of lithium battery packs

1, lithium battery packs should first note that the battery connection wires must be firm, must avoid the copper wire cross-touch each other, if cross-touch will cause damage to the controller of the lithium battery.


2, lithium batteries must be used in the process of the necessary temperature control conditions, lithium batteries within the electrode isolation material is organic plastic products, and must not be used in an environment that exceeds the temperature limit.


3, lithium batteries should not be fully charged for a long time, long storage after use is prone to gas expansion phenomenon, affecting the discharge performance, the best storage voltage is a single piece of 3.8V or so, full before use and then use, can effectively avoid the battery gas expansion phenomenon.


4, lithium battery packs can not be shorted to use, can not appear battery positive and negative electrode directly shorted phenomenon. The consequence is that the explosion-proof valve is open, and will burst in serious cases.


5, lithium battery packs can not be over-discharge use, discharge voltage can not be lower than the lower limit of the battery, affecting the battery cycle life; can not be over-charged use, the charging voltage can not be higher than the upper limit of the battery voltage, the explosion-proof valve opens, the serious case will burst.


6, different models of lithium battery products can not be mixed use, battery structure, chemical composition, battery performance deviation has serious security risks.

With the gradual increase in this market of electric vehicles, can effectively stimulate the lithium battery manufacturers on the battery development of power, lithium battery material technology research and development and manufacturing will continue to progress. It can be predicted that, under the continuous development of battery technology, lithium battery packs will become more and more widespread, but also more and more secure.

Post time: Mar-21-2024