Energy storage using lithium iron phosphate battery pack is safe or not?

Energy storage using lithium iron phosphate battery pack is safe or not? When it comes to lithium iron phosphate batteries, we will first be concerned about its safety, followed by its use of performance. In the practical application of energy storage, energy storage requires high safety performance, high cycle life, lower cost of lithium batteries. So, lithium iron phosphate battery is safe or not? In this paper, XUANLI force electronic editor take you to find out.

In China, policies have also been introduced recently to promote and regulate the development of energy storage and to put forward requirements for relevant safety standards. For electrochemical energy storage power plant fire accident prevention, detailed requirements are put forward, including.

(1) medium and large electrochemical energy storage power plant shall not choose ternary lithium batteries, sodium-sulfur batteries, should not choose the use of secondary power batteries;

(2) the selection of secondary use of power batteries, should be consistent screening and combined with traceability data for safety assessment;

(3) lithium-ion battery equipment room should be a single-layer arrangement, preferably using prefabricated cabin type.

Whether it is the world's major energy storage system using ternary lithium batteries, or China's current mainstay lithium iron phosphate, energy storage systems must return to the most fundamental safety, is the cornerstone of development.

In recent years, lithium iron phosphate technology has been fully mature, and ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries do not have any safety risks, higher than the safety of lead-acid batteries. The following is a comparison of the main properties of lithium iron phosphate materials and ternary materials.

As you know, the battery used in energy storage requires long life, high safety and low cost. Although the energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery is relatively low, but its high-temperature performance, the most important thing is good thermal stability is good safety performance, long life, and at present, relatively speaking, its cost is lower than ternary.

In terms of ternary materials, it has high gram capacity and high discharge platform, which means high energy density. Its low temperature performance is better, high temperature performance is general, thermal stability is general, safety performance is also general.

From an overall perspective, from the energy storage requirements of high safety, long life, low cost, lithium iron phosphate battery pack is indeed the best choice of materials for energy storage.

Lithium iron phosphate battery pack has the advantages of safety and reliability, long service life, small footprint, simple operation and maintenance. The product adopts lithium iron phosphate battery cell, whose production process adopts fully automatic equipment, with better product consistency, no explosion and no fire, which is the safest battery cell in lithium battery.

Charge and discharge are the two basic working states of lithium batteries. When the lithium iron phosphate battery charging and discharging, because the iron ion oxidation ability is not strong, will not release oxygen, it is naturally difficult to occur with the electrolyte redox reaction, which makes the lithium iron phosphate battery charging and discharging process in a safe environment. Not only that, lithium iron phosphate battery in the large multiplier discharge, and even overcharge and discharge process, it is difficult to occur in the violent redox reaction.

At the same time, lithium in the de-embedding, the lattice change so that the cell (the smallest unit of crystal composition) will eventually shrink in size, which just offset the increase in the volume of the carbon cathode in the reaction, so the charge and discharge of lithium iron phosphate battery can maintain the stability of the physical structure, eliminating the potential for increased volume and the phenomenon of battery burst.

In summary

The new lithium-ion battery technology development of the essence of safety is crucial, related to the future development of the scale of lithium long term energy storage. Energy storage lithium iron phosphate battery high safety, low cost, sustainable is the common development goal of enterprises, but also the energy storage industry is in urgent need of important direction of attack.

Post time: Jan-03-2023