Advantages of lithium batteries for energy storage

In the lithium battery into a large-scale application stage, lithium battery energy storage industry development is also strongly supported by governments. More obvious advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries for energy storage began to go to the public. The total capacity of the lithium battery energy storage market is very considerable, the user side has great potential.

Status of lithium battery energy storage

China as a new energy powerhouse, new energy industry in recent years has been the rapid development of the field of energy storage has also been closely watched, in the face of huge market demand and potential, the domestic lithium battery energy storage enterprises such as the sleeping lion ready to go.

The total capacity of lithium battery energy storage market is very considerable, the user side of the huge potential.

The current application of lithium battery energy storage seems to be the three major areas of energy storage: large-scale wind energy storage, communication base station backup power, family energy storage. Among them, the communication base station backup power field currently accounts for a larger proportion of the family energy storage by Tesla set off the "energy family" wave, there is a larger space for further development and expansion, large wind energy storage short-term momentum does not seem to be.

Li-ion battery energy storage technology is approaching maturity and overall cost reduction

Overall, in recent years, as the market demand for lithium batteries continues to expand, large-scale mass production of lithium batteries, its cost is declining year by year, the current price is sufficient to be commercially developed and widely utilized. In addition, power lithium battery attenuation to below 80% of the initial capacity, can be utilized in the field of energy storage, further reducing the cost of lithium batteries for energy storage.

At present, lithium battery energy storage technology is still in the stage of continuous breakthroughs, the technology gap between domestic and foreign there is room to narrow, lithium iron phosphate battery to ternary lithium batteries, and then to the current hot lithium titanate materials, technological change always affects the cost of lithium batteries and the balance of the industry chain, so investors have to face the risk of technological upgrading and modernization of the high-volume input production.

Advantages of lithium batteries in energy storage

Driven by strong social development needs and huge potential market, lithium battery pack energy storage technology is developing in the direction of large-scale, high efficiency, long life, low cost and no pollution. Lithium battery energy storage is currently the most feasible technical route.

1. Lithium iron phosphate battery has relatively high energy density, strong range, and with the application of lithium iron phosphate anode materials, the traditional carbon anode lithium-ion power battery life and safety has been greatly improved, preferred application in the field of energy storage.

2. Long cycle life of lithium batteries, in the future to improve the energy density is relatively low, range is weak, high price of these shortcomings make the application of lithium batteries in the field of energy storage possible.

3. Lithium battery multiplier performance is good, the preparation is relatively easy, in the future to improve the high temperature performance and poor cycling performance and other shortcomings are more conducive to the application of the field of energy storage.

4. Global lithium battery energy storage system in technology than other battery energy storage system accounted for a lot more than the proportion of lithium-ion batteries will become the mainstream of the future energy storage. 2020, the market for energy storage batteries will reach 70 billion yuan.

5. Clean and pollution-free. Lithium batteries do not contain lead, cadmium, mercury and other toxic substances, and at the same time, because the battery must be well sealed, in the process of using very few gases released, does not cause pollution to the environment.

The main role of energy storage power supply technology in the power system is getting more and more attention with the development of power system reform and smart grid construction. Whether from the perspective of the domestic or international market, the prospects of the lithium energy storage market are very broad. Based on the advantages of lithium batteries in the field of energy storage applications, and can be eliminated to the power of lithium batteries to find a new "place to use", major companies began to layout the energy storage market.

Post time: Jan-24-2024