3.7V Cylindrical lithium battery,18650 10400mAh for medical equipment batteries

Short Description:

Model Number: 3.7V 10400mAh

Brand Name: XUANLI

Origin: China

Small orders: Accepted

Key Specifications/Special Features:

3.7V cylindrical lithium battery,18650 10400mAh for medical equipment batteries

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Battery Specification:
Battery Type:cylindrical lithium battery
Model No: LIP 18650-10400mAh
Voltage of single cell: 3.7V
Nominal voltage after battery pack combination: 3.7V
Capacity of single battery: 2.6ah
Battery combination mode: 1 string 4 parallels
Voltage range of battery after combination: 3.0V~4.2v
Battery capacity after combination: 10.4ah
Battery pack power: 38.48w
Battery pack size: 20*75*67mm
Maximum discharge current: < 10.4A
Instantaneous discharge current:20.8a-31.2a
Maximum charging current: 0.2-0.5c
Charging and discharging times: > 500 times

3.7V lithium battery

Product Features

1. Long cycle life-capacity recovery can be above 80% after 500cycles

2. Safety-No fire, no explore of short-circuit, over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, shock, vibration, crush, acupuncture.

3. Superior storage characteristics-The self-discharge rate of xuanli Lithium-ion polymer battery is about 3% per month when stored at room temperature.

4. Various Products-Hundreds of moulds from micro size10mAh to large capacity 10000mAh.


1. Technology-With more than 20 years of battery manufacturing and automatic production line, xuanli can guarantee our products better products.

2. R&D-Experienced R&D team with over 20 engineers for supporting ODM requirements

3. Safety-Various tests are done at XUANLI to ensure the safety of our products for our customers.

4. Certificates-ISO、UL,CB,KC certificated.

5. Service-XUANLI has a professional sales team to provide professional project solutions and after-sale services.


GPS, POS device, Bluetooth earphone, smart watch, smart wearable, bank U-key, medical equipment, scanner and other portable devices.


1. Do not disassemble,dispose in fire,heat or short circuit.

2. Do not insert batteries with the (+) and (-)reversed.

3. Do not mix fresh batteries with used batteries.

4. Do not submerge the battery in water. 
Battery Quality:

1. Cells-Grade A cells to make sure batteries in high and full capacity.

2. Protection-Dual IC chips,that can anti-over charge,anti-over discharge,anti-over current,anti-short circuit.

3. Compose Type:Injection Technology to make battery more stable.

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