• Fusion telescope

    Fusion telescope

    The fusion telescope, which combines an uncooled long-wave infrared detector and a solid-state micro-optical sensor, can image both separately.It can also be fused and has a variety of color fusion modes preset for different environments.Effect...
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  • Bubble Machine

    Bubble Machine

    The main component of the bubble machine is the air pump, which blows the bubble water out of the spout through the plastic pipe. The whole internal structure of the bubble machine is very simple, consisting of motor, speaker, RGB light beads, ...
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  • Video type smart helmet

    Video type smart helmet

    Intelligent helmet in addition to ordinary helmet protection function, but also integrated video call, mobile video monitoring, GPS positioning, photo and video instant upload, voice broadcast, lighting and other functions. Intelligent helmet r...
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  • The Advantages of 18650 Lithium Battery for Balance Bike

    The Advantages of 18650 Lithium Battery for Balance Bike

    Balance bikes are becoming increasingly popular among children and adults alike, due to their lightweight construction and ease of use. While traditional balance bikes feature a lead-acid battery, more recent models have switched to lithium-ion...
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  • “Safety cone” robot

    “Safety cone” robot

    Vehicles on the highway accident, at night when the lighting effect is not good, a tripod is difficult to remind the rear car to notice, and placed in rows of cone buckets, can effectively avoid secondary accidents. This intelligent sa...
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  • Smart manhole cover

    Smart manhole cover

    Intelligent manhole cover is a ductile iron as the raw material of the manhole cover, not only noise and vibration, but also has automatic alarm function, no longer "want to move can move", intelligent manhole cover has an electronic tag below,...
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  • Disinfectant spray gun

    Disinfectant spray gun

    Germicidal disinfection, effective distance of more than 2 meters without dead-end coverage to eliminate bacteria and viruses; 600ML large-capacity kettle, suitable for a variety of disinfection potions; multi-purpose, in addition to daily sani...
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  • VR glasses

    VR glasses

    VR glasses, all-in-one head-up display device, the product is less, also called VR all-in-one machine, without the use of any input and output devices can enjoy the visual impact of the 3D stereoscopic sense in the virtual world. VR gl...
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  • Portable dust particle counter

    Portable dust particle counter

    APC-3013H portable dust particle counter of APC series is a professional measuring instrument used to detect the cleanliness level of air in clean room workshop. It meets the technical requirements of JJF1190-2008 "Dust Particle Counter Calibra...
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  • Smart Trash Can

    Smart Trash Can

    Smart garbage cans generally refer to intelligent sensor garbage cans. Induction garbage can, is relative to the ordinary garbage can, in short, is the lid can be opened and closed by the sensor, without manual and foot pedal, more convenient. ...
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  • Portable bean grinder

    Portable bean grinder

    For the pursuit of high quality of life, bean mill is an indispensable small machine, bean mill is a tool used to grind beans into powder, can improve the quality of people's lives, but most of the common bean mill is connected to the power sup...
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  • Pyrometer


    Product details: Product number: XL 18650 3.7V 2600mAh Cell type: 18650 Battery specification:18650-1S1P-2600mAh-3.7V Product size: 18.5*20*70mm Nominal vol...
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